“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working”

- Pablo Picasso / Painter

We produce any quantity our customers ask us, under GMP norms and the proper and essential quality certificates.

If you can imagine it,

we can formulate it.

*Our formulas are technological solutions. We apply avant-garde technologies to the formulation of mixes, obtaining products that remain stable throughout their useful lives.
*Acces to natural raw materials. Our experienced network of sector professionals gives us access to specific suppliers to obtain any ingredients at any time.
*Confidentiality treated with maximum rigor. Development in-house production software enables us to work with a coding system that guarantees confidentiality throughout the production process.
*We develop solutions for the following markets: Food supplements, Sports nutrition, Drinks, Bio/Organic, Nutricosmetics, Dietetics.
We give shape to the idea
you haven't had yet.
From the idea trough to the launch, we share our advice, producing pilots and manufacturing and creating new, innovative products.

We analyse and offer innovative ingredients and consistent formulas that can be scaled up to industrial level to develop the project.

Aromas and flavours

We offer our customers know-how in the aroma and flavouring field to create attractive products for consumers.

Pilot tests

We produce on a small scale to sound out the market, test stability and reduce before launching a product into the market.

Quality Dossier

We comply with ISO 9001 quality process and the necessary registration requirements to devise and manufacture new products.


We have flexible production capacity that enables us to satisfy our customers' needs.

Supplies and packaging

Each product requires a unique format. We provide end products in all types of formats (powder, liquid, gel, capsules, vials, etc...)